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Millions and millions of tiny vital life forces whirling through the body are concentrated into centers called chakras. Chakra means "wheel" in Sanskrit. They are called wheels because energies spin at these points rotating clockwise at a certain frequency. The activity resembles a galaxy of planets, each spinning on its axis.

The seven main chakras that you will learn about are located in the spinal cord region while being reflected, and felt after Self-Realization, in various parts of our bodies. Each chakra is designed to supervise and maintain the perfect operation of the bodily systems under its control. An understanding of what each chakra attracts and what can disturb it, is important for our well-being. Every thought and action influences the sensitivity and performance of these centers. As a beginner, the initial task is to clear away the gross impurities which may take time but the results will be felt from the outset.

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